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We are able to offer a full range of products within our existing “in house" Binding Authorities and Facilities which are written 100% by Lloyd’s Underwriters for the following classes of business:

Air Cargo

Airline Freight Legal Liability

Bailees Coverage

Cargo Import/Export

Commercial Auto Physical Damage

Equipment Floaters

High Valued Personal Auto Physical Damage

Motor Truck Cargo (including Contingent)

Ocean Marine Cargo

Personal Fine Art /Wine/Collections – Floaters

Personal High Valued Jewellery

Shippers Interest/Transit Risks

Stock Throughput

Warehousemen’s Legal Liability


Facility Details

Marine / Air Cargo and Transit Risks (and other risks mentioned above and not listed below)

Facility Limit: USD / CAD 15,000,000 any one shipment / conveyance / loss / location.

Primary Motor Truck Cargo (including contingent) *Facility Limit: USD / CAD 250,000 any one truck / loss.

Excess Motor Truck Cargo (including contingent)

Facility Limit: USD / CAD 25,000,000 any one truck / loss excess of loss of underlying policy loss limit.

Minimum underlying policy limit being USD / CAD 100,000

Written on a follow form basis of either a Lloyd’s or domestic
carrier primary placement.

Higher limits excess of USD / CAD 25,000,000 are available.

Commercial Auto Physical Damage – Comprehensive and Collision *Facility Limit: USD / CAD 2,000,000 any one terminal / loss / catastrophe.

Contractors / Mobile Equipment Floaters (including logging equipment) / WHLL / Bailees Coverage’s *Facility Limit: USD / CAD 1,000,000 any one loss / catastrophe.

* These coverage’s can be written under a single combined policy
if required


For specific enquiries please contact either:

Paul Cannon – Email: pcannon@decusbrokers.com

Tel: +44 (0) 203 772 5392

Peter Allen – Email: pallen@decusbrokers.com

Tel: +44 (0) 203 006 6641

Jamie Farrup – Email: jfarrup@decusbrokers.com

Tel: +44 (0) 203 931 5656