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In line with our complaints procedures we will:

  • tick send written acknowledgment within 5 working days
  • tick within 4 weeks will aim to send a final response or at the least an interim response on the current position
  • tick In any case, within 8 weeks of receiving the complaint, we will send the complainant either a final response or an explanation as to why the complaint remains unresolved and indicates when we expects to be able to provide a final response
  • tick We will endeavour to act fairly and in a timely manner when dealing with all complaints, however should if we cannot resolve your complaint or you are dissatisfied it can be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

As Decus Insurance Brokers Limited is a Broker and Coverholder at Lloyd’s, complaints can also be received from the Lloyd’s of London Complaints department, where we must follow the Lloyd’s of London complaints procedures. These can be found here.